My Contest Info
P.S. contest is over!

           Hey guy this is Fablefan101, here to tell you about a contest im gonna be starting a few weeks before Fable 2 comes out. The contest is gonna be a contest to see which of you guys will be able to play Fable 2 with me when it comes out...  If you want to enter all you have to do is leave a comment saying (join) or send me a message saying (join). Then all the people who want to join will be add to a list im gonna make, then on October 2nd I will go up and down the list RANDOMLY and choose 5 people. These 5 people then will be in my winners video on October 2nd, the 5 winners get my GamerTag and whats below.

Read below to see what you get for what place your in (you get this stuff in the Fable 2 game its self, XBOX LIVE Required)!

1st place - You get all the gold, all the items, and all the exp points.

2nd place - You get all the gold, all the items, but only 50% of the exp points.

3rd place - You get 50% of the gold, all the items, and 60% of the exp points.

4th place - Info Coming Soon

5th place - Info Coming Soon

*READ* The fine print below,

(The winners get the stuff above, but only for 2 weeks then they just get to play xbox live with me... Normally).

Also check out this fan made site i found on the web:


(Which ever one of my fans made it, this is a thanks to you from Fablefan101)!


Thanks for reading, Hoped you enjoyed the info.

wOOt- wOOt...