Set in the land of Albion 500 years after the original game's story, the player once again begins the game as a child whose development is governedentirely by his or her actions.Unlike in the original Fable, the player can choose to be female this time around, and the character will further change based on many personality traits such as cruelty, kindness, faith, and corruption. The whole point of Fable II is to provide the player with a living, breathing world which changes dynamically as the character and events in the story occur, meaning that the player's actions will have a direct effect on the world, and the world will have an effect on the character  conversely. Players can have families now, sire children which will look up to the player as a moral and stylistic compass, or have protected sex.

The world of Albion is estimated to be roughly ten times as large as the first game, including many more available items, armors, and weapons for the player to collect, along with new tattoos and haircuts. In effect, it's Fable, but bigger.While the game has yet to be released, gameplay will likely follow the example of the first game, that being a third-person action adventure game. Combat has been changed specifically to simplify and streamline the gameplay, putting all melee specific combat entirely on the X button. The various attacks and actions of the player will change depending on the location and situation in question, and the combat style will also change depending on whether or not the player is using a ranged or melee weapon. Additionally, the player will have a dog companion throughout the game, who will adapt and change as the character grows, have a personality all its own, will not be directly controllable other than through simple commands, and will assist the player during combat.


 Fable 2 innovates on many different points from the original Fable and adds lots of new features.


One of the most notable changes is the removal of the players HUD. To complement that, a dog will now follow you around the entire game, that can perform certain tasks in order to help you get through the game. Everyone's dog will be unique thanks to different factors, such as the the alignment and fame of the player.The AI of the dog has been worked out extensively, holding on to three main 'rules': The dog may never irritate the player, must always, unconditionally, love the player and be self-preserved. The dog's behavior is specific to the situation the player is in: If the player is hurt, the dog will stay closer, as well as in towns. If the player goes into a shop, the dog will wait outside. The dog is trainable as well when using various expressions, giving the option to reward or punish the dog after certain actions and hiding it's toys, to allow it to find it later on in the game. The dog can perform many more tasks, such as pointing out to enemies, before they can spot the player, thus replacing the mini-map from Fable. The dog will also spot treasure if any nearby. The dog also helps in combat, attacking the most dangerous enemy that is facing the player.


In Developer Diary Episode 6, it was announced that Death will not be permanent in the game. In fact, they have created a new system, that is supposed to prevent frustration and allow players to continue playing. When the player's health is depleted, the player can be revived, jump up and fight as if in a last heroic stand, dealing more damage, at the expense of an undermined amount of experience, gold, or in the form of scars on the player.  Bosses will have the ability to leave more damaging scars on players than normal enemies.  The scars resulting from these battles can elicit negative reactions from townsfolk and travelers in the world of Albion.


 Like a true RPG, Fable 2 offers many different choices the player can make, in order to affect the game and its gameplay:


 -Melee with swords,axes, and hammers

 -Ranged with guns and Crossbows

 -Magic with physical or surround spells 

Clothing- Dress or Overcoat?

Hairstyle- Bald or Warrior Stripe?

Food choices- Healthy veggies or fatty meat?

Exercise choices-are you gonna go do quests and work out, or just drink beer at the pub?


Marriage- Will you marry a male or female?

Children- How many little ones?

Moral Choices- Good or evil?


 This time around, Fable II will feature online Co-op, letting you and your friends to play through the whole story together which is something the first fable did not have. This feature will have no restrictions regarding the level at which your friend's hero needs to be in order to join your game. Unfortunately, the player joining the co-op will not be able to use his custom made hero, but rather a thug at the same level. If you are starting a new game and have a friend who is at level 50, he can join you from the get go. Now, in order for the leveling up to be fair, the host will be able to choose how much experience, money and renown his friend will receive in his game. Another new feature regarding co-op is that even if your not playing with a friend, you will still be able to see them in your world, but they will appear in the form of orbs instead of the hero themselves. Fable II will also have "couch" co-op to compliment the online co-op. Many Lionhead Members call it "Couch Co-Op" in reference to having a friend or family member sitting next to the player while both gamers embark on memorable adventures.

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