Molyneux: 'Fable II has gone gold!' 
Lionhead off down to the pub right now to celebrate.

 Fable II has gone gold, Peter Molyneux has revealed. We've just got off the phone with the Lionhead legend, who told us that the hotly anticipated upcoming Xbox 360 exclusive, out on October 24, went gold as of 7pm last night, and has been released for manufacturing.

And now, in celebration of that fact, the Fable II development team is tonight heading straight to the pub.

When asked if Fable 2 was finished Molyneux told us: "It is as of 7pm last night. We are now officially gold. It's released to manufacturing. Fable is absolutely finished and done and dusted.

"There's a lot of people here who are going to want to celebrate. And I'll be honest with you, the reason I have to go at six is because we're all off down the pub."

So, how does Molyneux feel now that his game is finally out the door? Like he's just witnessed a miracle.

"It always feels like a little bit of a miracle when you finish a game," he said. "This is the biggest game we've ever done. Lots of times it just seemed impossible that it was ever going to get finished."

You'd assume that Molyneux would be up for a large one given how long the game has been in development. Not so, the hard working main man revealed.

"The trouble is these things never stop. Just because we've gone gold doesn't mean there aren't a million other things to do. I've got to be pretty sharp tomorrow because we've got what's called a strategy day so sadly I don't think I am going to be having a large one. And it is Monday night as well. Let's not forget that. Hard to go large on a Monday.

"We're having our proper party on October 16 in London so I think I'll save it all up for that."

We'll have more from our gargantuan interview with the typically outspoken Molyneux, where he answers direct questions from readers themselves, tomorrow, and probably the next day, and the next day, too. Excited? Good. Perfect time to read Tom's hands-on preview of Fable II right here.

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Fable 2 is GOLD

Lionhead's, Fable 2, is Done and off to Production, According to a Quote from Director, Peter Molyneux, on

Despite Reports in July to the Same Effect, Molyneux is Quoted Today Saying, "It is [done] as of 7 p.m. last night". He Continued, "We are now officially gold. It's released to manufacturing. Fable is absolutely finished and done and dusted".

If the Game Really Truly is Complete, it Should Make its Announced Release Date of October 21 in North America and October 24 for Europe.