Alittle about me... Fablefan101 :)

           Hey this is Fablefan101 I am a huge Fable Fan and I am a gamer, all the fable games are my favorite RGP's of All Time. As soon as I heard about fable 2 I flipped out. I started making videos for the community so they know what is going on, and so that you guys can stay up to date with the info. I made this site so I can share what I know with even more people. You can visit my youtube account. I check very often on my info sites that I go to so I can check for updates. If you have any questions post a comment, or PM me on youtube or email me at (let me know because I have answers). If you are interested in Fable 2 and much more, subscribe and you can get lots of information that you and others wouldn't find on professional gaming sites. ALSO check out mine and ByronicHero7 YouTube group page:

The Fablefan101 youtube page is all about fable and fable 2.

This is Fablefan101 and im gonna tell you about some upcoming things im going to be adding to my website and my youtube page. Some of the stuff I will be adding to my website are reviews, hits, walkthroughs, and much more about Fable and Fable 2... Also some stuff ill be adding to my youtube page are more info videos and answers to your questions I have bine getting. So ask away, about anything FABLE... and comment "even Subscribe, if you want too". Later guys, and more stuff coming soon!

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