Fable II: Unlocking Bonus Content

 October 20, 2008 - The world of Albion is chock full of goodies to discover. For a few, the items included on the disc just aren't enough. There are a few options for gaining bonus items for use in Fable II. If you've played the Fable II Pub Games or bought the Limited Collector's Edition, there are extras owed to you.

For the Pub Games, you will need to play the Fable II storyline into adulthood (about 30 minutes). At that point, you can lay claim to your money and items. To do this, you could launch Pub Games and merge your pub character with your Fable II hero there, but it's an unnecessary extra step. Instead, visit a game master in any of the bars in Albion. You can merge your character once you're in the pub game, then exit. You'll come out with all your cash and any items won in the tournaments.

If you've been dying to know what the Mysterious Ring does, well, you may be a bit let down. It doesn't grant you greater abilities. I won't spoil it for you, but I will say that it offers a social bonus, not a combat bonus.

The other weapons earned in the Pub Games are powerful at the start of Fable II, but will become too weak about halfway through the game. Still, they give you a nice head start. The potions that give experience bonuses are the best rewards.

The LCE comes with a download code. Enter this on your 360 dashboard to get all the bonus LCE content. There's quite a lot there. The Hall of the Dead dungeon is in Bloodstone, the last town you visit in Fable II. The reward for clearing the Hall is the Wreckager. It's a decent sword that comes with three useful augments. It's not as powerful as some other weapons you can buy in Bloodstone.

The LCE also unlocks armor and a special weapon left by a hero from the future. "Hal's armor" doesn't give any combat bonuses, but it will make you more attractive. And hey, you'll look like Master Chief! The Elite Sword is low-level, but has three open augment slots, which makes it a valuable starting weapon. On top of this, you unlock the Master Chief title. Select the title at the Town Cryer and everyone in Albion will call you Master Chief.

This Halo treasure trove can be found at the Hero's Guild, which you come across in your very first dungeon. Open the chest next to the Cullis Gate to retrieve your items.