Introducing the Fable 2 Lotus Exige Espionage!

 The latest addition to Turn 10's exclusive line-up of cars has finally arrived and I have to say our livery editor magician Fred “Redesign” Howell has done it once again. This represents the second fully customized unicorn car released officially from Turn 10 Studios, and oh what a release it is. With the help of Lionhead studios, developers of Fable 2, we have put together this officially sanctioned exclusive unicorn car. Together we are proud to present the Fable 2 Lotus Espionage!

With conflicting imagery of good and evil, along with signatures from a handful of Lionhead developers, this car reinforces the question...who will you become? Find out this October when Fable 2 hits retails shelves across the globe.

The Fable 2 Lotus Espionage will be released in very limited quantities on the Auction House starting this week with a fleet of 25 individually numbered rides. These are the rarest of the rare that cannot be re-sold or gifted, so once they are gone...that's it! This car has also been added to our roster of exclusive cars that can be selected as gifts by the winners of our sponsored competitions, however these versions will not be numbered individually.

Due to increased demand these cars are limited to one per customer. Repeat buyers beware, as we will be strictly enforcing and monitoring these Auctions for foul play.

Stay tuned for more details on how you can get ahold of one of these beauties, but for now check out the latest addition to Turn 10's Exclusive Car List!

For more information about Fable 2, the latest game from Lionhead Studios, visit their official website here.

Fable 2 Unicorn Image Gallery