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IGN AU: Hmmm, okay... some interesting parallels there too, I see.

Peter Molyneux: Strangely enough, the book before that was also about America being destroyed – it's not that I've got it in for America or anything, but... [laughs]

IGN AU: Well, pride before the fall, right? Here's a broader gaming question, but I think there are few other figures in the industry in a better position to comment. Do you think Nintendo's paradigm shift went too far and traditionally hardcore players are starting to lose interest in the whole gaming category?

Peter Molyneux:
Well I think that core gaming is really, really important to gaming – and when I walk out on the show floor I see a lot of core games. Casual games are getting a lot of press and a lot of interest at the moment, but the majority of this industry's money is making core games.

I could take that question and say it's much tougher to be a core gamer these days. I suppose if I was critical about this, I might say, where are the new core gamers coming from? Core gaming is about being challenged and facing things you haven't face before. And this is a harsh comment but Jesus, we live in an age of emotional blandness, where the hero's journey – for films – defines everything. And God, I'm so sick of sitting in cinemas and thinking, 'seven-and-a-half minutes... right—cue the scary music, and here we go.' Why do we do it? We do it because a lot of our entertainment is created through focus groups and through studying consumers – and that's fine, but that's not how we innovate.
Will these friendly folk coming bearing pitchforks and torches if you're unfit to rule Albion? We can only hope.

IGN AU: But Lionhead also focus test at Microsoft's behest, surely!

Peter Molyneux:
Well – ugh! [groans] Well, the thing about focus testing is – and this makes me feel old a lot of the time – when it's used to 'prove' something and as a comfort blanket for people, I don't think that's right. If I as a designer present to a group – which I do, a lot – and I say, 'look at this – tell me what you feel about this moment.' And if people respond with 'I feel scared' or 'I feel happy' or 'I feel excited', that's really useful, man. And if I as a creative take a look at it and say, 'ah, that's not what I was going for', then you need to go back to the drawing board.

If you were to go to a focus group and say, 'did you like this?' then that's a completely different way. You're not learning from this – you're just saying 'that's good', 'that's bad'. I worry about overuse of this.

IGN AU: I hope this triggers a shift, I guess. Anyway, thank you – thanks for taking the time.

Peter Molyneux:
Thank you; great questions man. I wish I could answer more questions about Milo, but you'll hear more soon.

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