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added February 13, 2010,
If you haven't seen my youtube channel lately, i have over 5 new Fable 3 videos (that include Gameplay). So click the link to check them out! 


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Just a thought...
I think Lionhead should do is, take a look at Fable TLC and the fans comments/requests. Then work from there , cuz common if u think about it Fable TLC was awesome and Fable 2 was great .. but not close to being better then Fable TLC. Except the graphics and the dog idea, but ya it was good. Thats just wat i think though, and ya then the next Fable game would be crazy. Oh ya, call me old school but i kinda like the health and mana bar :/

added January 8, 2010,
Fable 3 info - Microsoft has Announced for a Holiday's 2010 realease!
and more info coming soon guys :)

added September 15, 2009,
Lionhead is going to show a new trailer of Fable 3 at TGS (Tokyo Games Show), and Peter is going to be in like 3 interviews... so I should have around 4 or 5 new videos uploaded on to youtube, that day and later on that week! Also I have add 3 new Fable 3 photos, so check them out. There to your left, in the (Fable 3 Images).

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Yes, im am back once again to bring you all your Fable III info. Also from this day on my website will be being update twice aweek and i will be uploading more video more often on my YouTube page. YouTube Link:

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Ya its coming "FABLE 3 is in its real early stages of begin made... like there writing the story to it and trying to find voice acters",thats really all there working on right now... but ya there's not gonna be that much info about it for awhile .. but once i get a good piece of info on it ... ill be coming back to give you all the FABLE 3 info .. hope to help u in the future, with the info! :)
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Welcome to the city of Albion the home to many heroes and what not, Fablefan101's new site is now open and we will be packing a lot of info on of course Fable 2. We will leave a guest book for you to write questions or just to leave a comment thanks for visiting!

To all I've got all the info you need on Fable 2. I already have a YouTube page (my username is: Fablefan101) and I'm covering everything about Fable 2 on it. I have, and will be, tracking the game Fable 2. If you have any questions about Fable 2 or the original Fable, let me know. If you are interested in Fable 2, you can get tons of information and video that you wouldn't find on professional gaming sites. Here's a link to my page:

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